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Susan E. Drumm New York City
Weight Loss

Dear Silvio, It has been a year since I have found your name on the internet. After 13 surgical procedures and living with a disabling bladder disorder (Interstitial Cystitis with Hunners Ulcers), I really needed help. I put on over 70 pounds of extra weight, do not have a thyroid, I am post-menopausal, and was afraid that I was heading in the wrong direction as far as my overall health was concerned. I tried exercising on my own but because of pain and discouragement from not seeing results I gave up. Since working out with you I was surprised that you researched my disease and really listened to my problems. You catered a specific exercise program that fit my needs. As I started to improve, the weight started to fall off me. Once you started adding resistance training to my regimen, my endurance has been better than it was 10 years ago. Since last month, I no longer use a cane and can do exercises and yoga positions that I never thought possible. Going to gyms was difficult because of my condition and being over weight brought stares and made me uncomfortable. My urologist had given me exercises to do and I was always concerned that I was not doing them correctly. Then when my Chiropractor gave me additional exercises to do, I knew I needed help. You have helped me more than 10 medical doctors. When my knee was swollen, you did acupuncture and the condition went away. I have recommended you to several people and I know you saved my friend's liver. She believes it is a miracle you entered her life. I attribute the drastic change for the better to your different therapy and exercise regime. It impressed me that you continually do research to improve my condition and vary my exercise program. You forced me to set realistic goals and work with me to achieve them. At this rate, my fitness goals and weight loss goals are within reach. If anyone wants to contact me for this testimonial, feel free to give him or her my phone number. Thank you so much. You have given me a new outlook on living. Sincerely, Susan E. Drumm , New York City

David Blasband New York City
Golf Game

I am an avid golfer and as a result of my training with Silvio, within a few months I added 20 yards to my drive.

Karl E. Seib, Jr. New York City
Golf Game

I wanted to recommend another personal trainer at the Princeton Club, Silvio Bianculli, who has been training me since August 2008. Silvio focuses on exercises to help you play golf better and without injury (although he also trains people for other sports) -- and I have found him to be really first-rate.

Ellen Christiansen New York City
Weight Loss

Hello Silvio, It's hard to get the discipline to work out regularly so having you visit my home has forced me to work out. I've tried many diets and without an exercise program just twice a week helped me lose over 40 pounds. Thank you so much. Ellen Christiansen, Queens New York

Deborah Emin New York City
Headaches and Back Pain

Hi Silvio, I am pleased to pass along a couple of lines in praise of your great work. Silvio cured my headaches and backaches with a combination of acupuncture work and relaxation techniques that in essence saved my life. To be free of that kind of pain without drugs while learning how to exercise and take care of myself is a truly wonderful way to be treated. He is the best at this kind of work I have ever met. Deborah Emin, New York City

Chip Block New York City
Poor Posture

Hello Silvio, My posture has improved and I'm much more limber, thanks Silvio ...not bad for a 60-year-old, he's helping me to straighten up and fly right.... When I'm in town, I wouldn't think of missing my weekly session with him. Combined with my cardio and weight workouts, his training gives me the feeling that fitness is not just a goal, it is an ongoing process. Chip Block, New York City

Leanna Landsmann New York City
Back Pain and Sciatica

Hi Silvio, It's not a stretch to say that Silvio Bianculli cured my backache and sciatica problems. For years, I sought relief from therapists, doctors and drugs, but it wasn't until Silvio developed a core strengthening program that I became pain-free. I wished I'd found him earlier - I'd have saved myself money, energy and aggravation. I’ve recommended Silvio to friends and they all thank me for helping to change the way they work out. Silvio's approach is efficient, effective and easy to use for a lifetime. Leanna Landsmann , New York City