Improve Your Golf Game and Performance

Are You Fit 4 Golf and Life?
Reduce Injuries~Add 20 yards to your drive~Increase sexual performance.
Did you know that 70 percent of golfers experience some sort of back pain or some other injury throughout their career, due to the tremendous amount of pressure and stress the golf swing puts on the spine and other body parts as it goes through the motion?

As you age your strength, endurance and flexibility decreases thus affecting your overall performance on the golf course as well as other areas of your life and making you more prone to injuries and preventing you from enjoying the excitement of being out on the course playing with your colleagues and friends.

Four Components to Greatly Improve Your Level of Performance!
⦁ 1. Strength training – working and strengthening golf specific muscles of the legs, core, lower back, shoulders and upper back. This allows your swing to flow more smoothly with less effort and achieve greater distance on your drive. Exercise has also been shown to increase potency which can make your sex life more enjoyable.
⦁ 2. Optimal Flexibility – specific to your golf game allows you to achieve and maintain proper position throughout your swing. Golf specific stretches that address tight hamstrings-lower back- shoulders- upper back and rigid and inflexible spine– improve game performance with a higher score, reduces injuries as well as address other aspects of your life. Some yoga poses help you to become more limber, which can help you to get into and hold certain sexual positions for longer periods; other benefits include: helping you to increase libido and enhance enjoyment.
⦁ 3. Endurance – aerobic exercise increases your endurance and stamina allowing you to remain on the golf course for longer periods of time without getting tired. Endurance via aerobic exercise allows you to maintain focus and not make mental mistakes, an important aspect of playing winning golf. Endurance also translates to other aspects of your life like increasing libido and sex drive. Endurance also plays a role in keeping your heart strong and your body in shape while achieving the stamina and energy levels of a teenager.
⦁ 4. Nutrition – a healthy nutritious diet helps to fuel and hydrate your body and improve your overall performance at much higher levels both on and off the course. To complete the circle of healthful goal oriented living, exercise, eating healthy and adequate rest have shown to improve your performance, reduce stress and boost your energy levels.

In our fit for golf and life training, we can assess weak spots and design a program which will strengthen your core, increase flexibility, improve balance and enhance coordination. This will result in an overall improvement in consistency and accuracy in your game, while reducing injuries and adding 20 yards to your drive—all without changing your swing.

Best of all, the results of incorporating these four components: Strength Training, Flexibility, Endurance and Nutrition taken together will improve other aspects of your life from a more enhanced and fulfilled sexual relationship to keeping you looking and feeling younger & stronger later on in life.