The Body- Mind- Spirit Connection

Consciously Living A More Centered And Balanced Life!
Living with clarity and purpose~stillness of mind~purity of heart and joy-fullness in spirit.
As the physically weak individual can make himself strong by carefully training his body, so too, the weak minded individual can strengthen his WILL by exercising in disciplining the mind in Rightful Thinking.
The Body
Yoga exercises help to keep the body flexible and strong. By opening energy channels and removing pent up energy caused by stress and negative emotions. Energy flows more freely in the body resulting in a more balanced body & mind.

Asanas (poses or postures) help to strengthen the nervous system against morning caffeine jolts and the daily sympathetic fight or flight response from the stressors in life. While in the yoga pose, one must focus their breath in these restricted areas, resulting more blood and oxygen flow and creating a feeling of expansion and growth in one’s body, as well as one’s life.


The yoga secret to keeping the body looking and feeling young is to keep the spine flexible. A flexible body & mind translates into a flexible lifestyle, thus reducing the risks of arthritic conditions occurring in the body.

Punch and other physical exercises along with aerobics help to release tension and to reduce stress, while strengthening heart and lungs and giving facial muscles a real workout. This produces a more youthful, glowing appearance.

Weights and other resistance training exercises help build muscle and strengthen bones creating a more vibrant and attractive person. You improve your self-image, build self-confidence and attract more of the positive things in life.
The Mind
We become what we think about most of the time!
The Mind is a processor of thoughts, beliefs and ideas from the past and the present. And if our thoughts and beliefs are constantly borrowed from the past, then our future will be nothing more than a daily re-enactment of past memories.

Unfortunately we don’t know how to live for the moment, we only know what we’ve learned from our past experiences and conditioning and fail to evolve or create positive changes in our lives. We need to focus more on new ways of seeing the world in order to replace those negative patterns of experience which hold us back from achieving our true potential.

The ego is an outward expression of our consciousness, it’s our survival mechanism for coping with the physical world. When a painful experience happens in our lives it records it and stores it as a memory to prevent a recurrence.

Our ego keep us stuck in limited patterns of behavior and attracts more of the same people and circumstances we are trying to avoid and move beyond.

The problem however is the ego’s limited in reasoning capacity. One’s ego has the tendency to see everything and everyone as both separate and apart thereby creating opinions and judgments and always putting blame else where and refuses to take responsibility for what it attracts.

Our greatest challenge is trying to break free from its trappings, its opinions and it’s judgments regarding everything and everyone. The ego’s biggest problem however is that it lives in the past and never in the present where it can see the big picture and the reality of all of things.
Unfortunately our ego is a slave pretending to be the master! This annoying little survival mechanism has pretended for such a long time, that even the master (our soul part) believes that the slave is the master. It has become our clueless advisor in all areas of our lives and we need to move beyond it and tune into our greatest advisor, the real master behind the scenes, our soul part.
The Spirit
The mind is a continuous procession of all your accumulated thoughts and memories, good or bad from past experiences, constantly parading across the screen of your mind seeking your attention.

In reality, it’s empty space (between our thoughts) fills with many thoughts from the past and present. If you stop or slow down your thinking process you will be able to experience that emptiness that was filled by all those thoughts. It’s like the furniture in your home, occupying all that empty space, remove the furniture and you will be able to see that empty space once occupied by the furniture.

Meditation focuses on that empty space where there are no memories from the past and no thoughts from the present and tuning into that intuitive voice of the higher self, which has been silently speaking to guide and direct you to a higher purpose, through the loud chatter of the mind.

The spirit self, resides within the subconscious part of the mind. It acts as your servant, taking your present thoughts and past experiences, whether good or bad (making no judgment) and carries them out to their logical conclusion expressing it in your physical body and external environment.

Create change in your life using the great law of attraction for like attracts like with constant awareness and clear intention. You can create whatever you want into your life. Develop an attitude of gratefulness for whatever already exists in your life. This raises your vibration as you magically attract more of the things you are grateful for.