5 mindful activities that should do every day.

1..get up early o start your day. As soon as you get up, meditate. Start with some deep mindful or mindless breathing..as you focus on the breath and not the activity of the mind..

A meditation on the 3rd dimension is imaging..visualize yourself going through your day and focus on the end result.

Give gratitude for all that you have, as this feeling of gratitude attracts to you more of the things that you want and not of what you don’t want.

B mediate on the 4th Dimension. Allowing of just being.. just clearing the mind of all thought and allowing yourself to be present with all that is here and now.

Just being in presence in that empty space …of no mind…

2..take a warm-cold shower.

3. exercise your physical body.

4. eat right, nutritious foods for your body..not your taste buds…

5..Retire early at night. Rewind and Review to cleanse the mind of the dust gathered throughout your day.

Play some peaceful music and Meditate …this will help you with a peaceful night’s sleep ….cheers.

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