The Best Technique to Cleanse the Mind

Just think for a moment…YOU shower each day to remove accumulated dirt from your body…You eat 3 meals a day, you sleep, and you eliminate a few times daily…also,  you must cleanse the mind at least 2x a day to remove toxic thoughts, desires, and negative images being accumulated throughout the day for they tend to hang around by the attention you give to them.

Because of all these toxic thoughts muddling the mind--the capacity for its pure nature is lost.

Each moment you keep collecting more and more dust…like a traveler walking on a dirt road… the more YOU walk the more dirt is being collected on YOUR body and clothes..Every day a bath must be taken and clothes need to be washed..and still the next day more dirt will be accumulated…. it’s not like once you’ve done it…. that’s it… its a continuous task…like sleeping, eating, and bathing…so cleansing the mind should be a daily ritual of uprooting and letting go of toxic thoughts.  Meditation is like a daily bath of cleansing and purifying the mind.

The best time to cleanse the mind is right after awakening… to get the mind tuned up for the day’s engagements… to have awareness of being present and not to commit errors throughout the day and before bedtime to drop off all the accumulated baggage from the day’s activities, this way, sleep will be more peaceful with less disturbing dreams.

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road.

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