Health And Wellness

Pain-Free Living

Align Yourself with Nature’s Laws! Love Your Body, Love Yourself & Nourish Your Spirit. Live an Active Lifestyle, Experience Life’s Pleasures and Avoid its Pains! When negative emotions cause a short-circuit in the electrical system of the body, energy will not flow smoothly. This leads to pain and unnecessary suffering. It’s well documented that people have …

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Reduce Stress

Stress-free Living to Look & Feel Younger and Improve Overall Performance. Wellness for optimal health and emotional well being! Psychologists are saying that there are… hundreds if not thousands of different stimuli that can create multiple levels and degrees of stress in our lives. From fear of change, to loss of a spouse, to our safety and our family’s …

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The Body- Mind- Spirit Connection

Consciously Living A More Centered And Balanced Life! Living with clarity and purpose~stillness of mind~purity of heart and joy-fullness in spirit. As the physically weak individual can make himself strong by carefully training his body, so too, the weak minded individual can strengthen his WILL by exercising in disciplining the mind in Rightful Thinking. The Body Yoga exercises help …

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