The Magical World Of The Butterfly

Just imagine for a moment now……That you are a cell…a caterpillar cell, whether you are a muscle cell, a digestive cell, or whatever kind of cell YOU have chosen to be.

Your job and the job of millions of other cells is to build the economy and strengthen the environment where this form called the caterpillar can grow and reach its full potential.

Now.... every night after a hard day’s work everyone gathers and converses about their daily job accomplishments and responsibilities to keep the economy growing and expanding.

Now.…think for a moment,  that life is a continuous rhythm of movement and change, the rhythm of night and day, winter and summer, the web and flow of the tide, the expansion and recession of all things.

Now.…the caterpillar has reached its full growth potential, things start to slow down, the economy stops growing…fear stirs in YOUR mind that your services are no longer needed. Some cells lose hope and die off with the carcass of the caterpillar.

While other cells envision a brand new world.. a world of a stronger and a better economy, a more beautiful world, the world of flying through the air, the world of drinking nectar from beautiful flowers, the world of bathing in the sun for long periods of time. Yes… this is the world of the butterfly, and yes, these cells are called the imaginable cells.

These cells are…the visionaries, the architects, and the builders of that world.

In our world, we have composers, painters, poets, inventors, the architects of heaven, and the saviors of our world. The world is a more beautiful place because these people have lived.

Columbus cherished a vision of a new world, he went out, sailed it, and discovered it.

Copernicus fostered a vision of a multiplicity of worlds and a wider universe and he revealed it.

The Wright brothers held a vision of one day flying in a birds in the sky,  and they created it.

Socrates held on to the teachings of a higher truth, they offered him a choice… to live a  life of an ordinary or to die with the spirit of his teachings…he chose the latter,  and died as an extraordinary.

The Buddha cherished a vision of a spiritual world, a world of stainless beauty and perfect peace and he entered into it.

The imaginable cells held a vision of a bigger and better economy, a more beautiful world, the world of the butterfly, and they transformed it.

As the greatest of achievements were once a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, The bird waits in the egg, and the highest vision of the soul awakening of a perfect angel stirs.

As dreams are seedlings of realities. As the visible is sustained by the invisible. Those who cherish beautiful visions and lofty ideals in their hearts must one day realize them.

So…what is your vision? What are YOUR ideals? What passion stirs in your heart? What is your philosophy of life?

Do you crawl and walk like a caterpillar or do you float and fly into that magical world, like the butterfly?

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