Do YOU Treat Your Body Like a Friend or a Foe?

This wonderful servant of YOU,  this miraculous mechanism that science has not yet been able to duplicate will be your respectful servant for life if you would only love, respect, and work with its unique intrinsic functions.

Just think for a moment of all the miracles your body performs for YOU and you’re not even aware.  In a state of perfect health every organ, every nerve, every cell, every part of this intricate and efficient instrument… functions in perfect unison with one another, like a perfect harmony.

Some treat their bodies as if it’s their worst enemy and not their best friend.  And some people even treat their cars and physical possessions better than they treat their own bodies.

 What’s interesting is that most people will live in their bodies their entire lives and never fully comprehend how they should function. They often place a greater value in understanding what makes their automobile run better, and their computers and cell phones run faster, rather than trying to understand the TRUE and significant value of how their own body functions work and can be improved. You eat, breathe, sleep,  jog, and love, and the wisdom within your body takes care of it for you, like an autopilot that converts ALL of this into what’s necessary for a body to function properly.

Listen to your body, it’s time to wake up.  Your body is not your foe it is your friend, it’s a gift from nature to you. So learn to work with it and not against it, and stop treating it like a junk drawer by dumping junk food, toxic thoughts, and stressful emotions into it. Learn to listen and give it what it needs… Eat right, think and feel right,  get enough rest,  give it proper exercise, and most of ALL**love your body, become its best friend and it will pay you back in high dividends down the road.

Simply put, by being in harmony with your body you will be in harmony with nature itself and since your body is part of nature, you will be in harmony with existence itself,  every breath you take, you take in all the atoms that ever existed in each and every individual before you and that will continue after you.

Live to love YOUR body and you will be in harmony with all that is present, here and now!

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