The One Big Secret to Weight Loss

So what is this big secret? 

The big secret is… that you’re probably using food as a substitute for something else missing in your life.

You must be saying….what is that something else,  well…that something else is called LOVE. Being too obsessed with food is a love need.

If you weren’t loved enough as a child or if you are not feeling loved now, there is a big unfulfilled hole that needs to be filled and as a substitute, you keep stuffing that hole with food.

In Addition, you’re stuffing the wrong aspect of your being and instead, you need to feed your soul with love and not substitute that need by stuffing your body with food and the temporary gratification that you get.

Now, if you know love, you are loved and thus, can return love, you will eat less, because,  LOVE now fills that hole, the correct hole, the hole occupied by your soul.

The reasons are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. Let’s take a quick journey back to your childhood and the first encounter you had with food and love, they are simultaneously interrelated. From the same mother and the same breast, you got food and love, now food and love become associated.

If YOUR mother was loving to you, as a child you would’ve never taken in too much milk, there would’ve been no need to, because, YOU would have felt secure in knowing that YOU were loved, you would’ve known that whenever there was a need to eat… the food would be there… the mother would be there.

But, if  YOUR mother wasn’t showing you the proper love, then YOU would’ve felt unsure if the food would still come, so when you felt hungry, you ate more to compensate for that insecurity of not knowing if the love or the food would be there and when you cried for attention, you probably had a warm milk bottle stuffed in your mouth which temporarily stopped you from crying but the real need was never addressed and leaving that emptiness still there, unfulfilled.

So the BIG secret is to:

  • Bring these old unresolved issues into the light of awareness and release them.
  • Learn how to live in the present moment of the here and now.
  • Eat  less and learn to love YOURSELF more.

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