Does ONE Center Fit ALL ?!

One center creates many circles. You can throw a pebble in a peaceful lake and create a circle and then,  from that one circle many other concentric circles arise…still, they all arise from one common circle, thus spreading further and further away from the 1 circle, all inter-connected from that 1 center.  A little bit of Osho!

Just like the Hub is the central part of the wheel and all the spokes or blades radiate into the periphery from that ONE center.

So does your being and every other person’s being arises from that ONE center of being,  not separate and apart, The ALL is One, The ONE is All.  That one center is YOUR center, my center, and everyone else’s center.

The next 2 questions should be:

  • How do I find mine or the ONE center and
  • how do I remain there without being pulled out into the periphery by life’s constant challenges?

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road.

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