Are YOU Walking the Middle Path of Life?

Like the tightrope walker remains balanced and present in each moment, as he moves from one end to the other. 

So, who is this individual?

This individual is the new man.

He lives in the world with total awareness and avoids getting caught up in life’s drama with all of its challenges and miseries.

He will be able to balance all aspects of his life, just like the tightrope walker not going to either extreme, always remaining in the middle. This new man will live each moment with sheer joy and childlike excitement.

He will think of this life as a gift and not a burden, a blessing and not a  punishment, but, a school for learning and growth until he learns the ultimate lesson of life, how to walk the tightrope of life, how to remain in the middle. As life for this individual happens through him, not to him.

He will respect his body and train it with the correct exercises,  nourish it with proper nutrition and give it its rightful time for recuperation. He will meditate daily to cleanse the mind from all the day’s accumulated stressful activities.

This New man will love… but, not be obsessed nor cling to it as a possession. Knowing that his happiness does not depend on any external object or form.

He will have a relationship with each individual knowing that they are only screens reflecting his own thoughts and ideas, knowing that.. he will begin to treat everyone as he would like to be treated.

He will look at money as a currency, an exchange of energy in the material world, he will use it wisely and correctly and not be possessed by it.

He will be called Zorba the Buddha, he will balance the inner and the outer, the east and the west, the Buddha world of stainless beauty and perfect peace, the outer world of love, singing,  dancing, art, poetry, living the pleasures of life and not clinging to them for dear life, if they are there he enjoys them, If they are not,  he enjoys his aloneness, ” he becomes a light unto him-self” either way, he remains in the middle.

He will be courageous, he will be in a relationship without losing his independence and thus know that all things are interdependent.


An ounce of prevention in each moment is worth a pound of cure down the road.

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