Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Possibilities

Just think for a moment… if you had a one hundred dollar bill in your pocket, YOU would have 100 dollars worth of possible things that 100 dollars can materialize into for you, right?

That 100 dollars can materialize into food,  into a movie, into a massage, you can rent a Zip Car, you could buy books, clothes or a number of other possibilities that are held within that note without carrying all those things around with YOU.

That 100-dollar bill can hold all those possibilities within that ONE  single note and YOU can only experience all those things when you spend it,  only then,  can it generate all those things for you and everyone else that comes in contact with you and it.

What an ingenious creation.

The possibilities within that note are endless as to what can materialize for you.  Now, if you left it in your pocket or you hoarded that money, YOU automatically stop its flow, there would be no possibility for that money to materialize anything for you or anyone else for that matter.

Now, if  YOU took that money and gave it to someone else and each person goes on giving to 100 people,  just think for a moment of all the possibilities that 100 dollar bill could generate for everyone it came in contact with…  10,000 worth of possibilities for those 100 people.

Now, its no coincidence that the word currency (comes from Middle English currant, meaning (in circulation)  the word refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation, as a medium of exchange, especially circulating paper money as money must flow easily and effortlessly effecting everyone that it touches, just like an energy current circulating freely and unobstructed and giving total expression to all those forms that it flows through, like…a computer, light bulb, etc.. each beautifying our life with the modern day comforts of living.

Hence, life is a constant cycle of receiving, sharing, and giving, however, hoarding or holding on to things only tends to stagnate our energy and impedes this constant flow so necessary for us to coexist… allowing the circle of life to continue.

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