Medicine Never Gives You Health!!

What is health…what is disease?  Let’s say, one day you happen to fall ill, so you go to YOUR Physician.  The Doctor concludes based on your symptoms and the diagnosis, that a certain disease has fallen upon you. The Doctor prescribes a certain medicine to help to destroy the illness and bring you back to health.

When the illness is destroyed... health is awakened back in you.

But the medicine never brings back health, the medicine only destroys the disease, your health is your natural state of being, it has never left you, it’s always there, only the disease takes precedence over the health for a period of time,  and the medicine you take only removes the obstruction… so you could re-experience your natural state of being again, health!

There is no health-given medicine, once the stagnation, the hindrance is removed, and health starts to flow again. Once the obstruction and the rocks are removed from the river, it starts to flow again.

The disease is something unnatural, something that has fallen upon you. When you are naturally yourself…YOU are healthy!

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road.

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