You are Just a Wave-Form in the Ocean of Life

Physiologists are now saying that your body is renewed every 7 years.  A whole new body every 7 years.

As you might well know, everything is in constant change, nothing of the old remains, and everything is new.

A whole new body every 7 years, if you live to the ripe old age of 70… your body has completely renewed itself, again and again, 10 times in those 70 years. Every moment everything is changing…old cells die off, and new cells are born.

Then, who are you? are you just a body form or something greater? Or are you a  being experiencing yourself through this body form?

Consider this for a moment, you might just be just like a wave-form in the ocean of life, a continuous process of becoming something greater then the form itself,

Every moment the wave changes, every moment your form changes, you are never static, the wave is never static, both are constantly changing into the next form.  Since your conception you have changed many times, your childhood dies and you are born into youth-hood, and then you go on changing into adult-hood, and finally old-age arrives…then the form dies off,  just like the wave,  it rises and dies off, but the ocean remains, your body-form is like the wave it rises and then it dies off,  but the being remains.

Remember, an Ounce of Prevention in Each Moment is Worth a Pound of Cure Down the Road.

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