The 8-and-a-half steps to Goal Achievement

Whenever there is a goal it can be easy or difficult to achieve, depending on:

  1. where you are in the process.
  2. how much distance is between you and the goal?
  3. whether there are major hurdles along the way or a  fast track to getting you there. 

Have you experienced success before? If the road is known it will be easy,  if the path is unknown it will be more difficult.

Have others traveled before you and left markers along the way… so you’re not groping in the dark alone.  They say, success leaves traces,  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just see how you can improve on it.

Are you a good traveler? are you in good physical condition to take this journey?  do you exercise regularly and eat right?  so your body doesn’t break down along the way,  not to detour you from the goal, and take care of your physical health?

How is your mindset? Do you have what it takes mentally, watching your thoughts and old mental patterns along the way and not allowing them to sabotage, distract and detour you from the goal?

Let’s start on the journey.

1. Do YOU  know what you want?

2. What kind of lifestyle do YOU want to create for yourself in?

  • money and finances
  •  business and career
  •  relationships
  • health and wellness
  • in spirituality
  • recreational and play
  • personal environment
  • service and contribution

2. Do YOU know why you want it and how is it going to make YOU feel?

3. Why not YOU?  What are some of the obstacles that stand in your way or recognize those old subconscious patterns that might negate your achievement or tell you that you are not worthy of it?

4. Do YOU have a Strategy or a Plan to get you there or are YOU just groping in the dark?

5. Are You taking the necessary ACTION toward that plan? “Momentum” keep the energy moving forward,  only, by constant pedaling on a bicycle will the momentum keep it moving forward, as soon as you stop pedaling it will stop and fall, set yourself up to WIN…..keep up!

6. Are YOU committed to doing what needs to be done to actualize that goal?

…… gotta see it before you can achieve it by Vinny Gumba.

7. Are YOU rewarding yourself along the way after little accomplishments to keep you motivated?

8. Do you have anyone with that you can designate accountability for your actions so that you remain on track?

The other half is just to go out and do it, if YOU don’t do it in the first 24 hours, you probably won’t 😉

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